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Private Property Impounds

We specialize in establishing private property impound programs for property owners and management companies .  RoadWay will supply all necessary NO PARKING signs for your convenience, free of charge, and can even establish electronic surveillance and remote monitoring on your property for an additional fee.  We can help ensure that your fire lanes stay clear, that time limits on parking spaces are honored, and that nobody ever stays parked on your grass for very long!  To get started, please verify that your property is located within our coverage zone:

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Motor Club & Consumer Services

If you run out of fuel, battery dies, tire goes flat, or your car becomes otherwise undriveable, simply give us a call at 877-TOW-MIAMI. We'll dispatch a truck within minutes to help get you back on the road.   Flatbed trucks are available upon request.

Underwater Recoveries

True to our reputation as a “full-service” provider, our team doesn’t stop just because your car went into the swamp, the bay, or even the ocean…  RoadWay has SCUBA divers on call that are specially trained to get wet and recover your vehicle.  In most cases, our underwater recovery team will respond within 3 hours.

Rollovers & Other Airbag Recoveries

Sometimes in an accident, whether due to inclement weather, uneven road surfaces, improper load placement, or overcorrective action, fragile vehicles will wind up in awkward positions.  Whether you’re talking about a tractor trailer rolled over on its side, a small airplane that’s lost its gear and veered off the runway, or a boat that sank to the bottom of the bay, recovering such vehicles takes a particularly skilled operator with a mastery of airbag techniques.


Don’t you hate it when your keys get locked inside your car?  Worse still, they might have been lost by the valet, or stolen along with your purse.  Never fear.  Give us a call at 877-TOW-MIAMI and we’ll dispatch a technician within minutes to help you open your car and get it started.  Our experienced locksmiths can even re-key your ignition for you so that the old (lost/stolen) keys don’t work anymore, and we will even arrange for discounted and expedited service from one of our local partner locksmiths if you need to change the locks to your house as well.


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