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What is roadside assistance and how does it work?

When getting stuck on the side of the road it’s hard to find the right company to call if you’re in an unfamiliar or an unsafe location or situation. Even while being close to home, if you find yourself on a highway, it’s hard to face. A roadside assistance plan or insurance coverage gives you one number to call wherever you need help and covers some or all the service cost to get your car moving again. Roadside assistance or towing companies work with networks of mechanics and specialized vehicles to provide help 24/7. Roadside assistance most often applies to cars and trucks, but coverage can include RVs, motorcycles and bicycles depending on the provider.

  • Roadside assistance covers battery jump-starts, lockout assistance, fuel delivery, towing service, and spare tire installation.

  • Plans may pay a portion of the service cost or cover the entire service.

  • You can get roadside coverage through an auto club, auto insurance company, car manufacturer and other types of companies.

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All roadside assistance plans offer towing services for anyone covered, stuck on the road. Just call the number of your company and they’ll send a tow to your location. Some plans cover towing only to the nearest mechanic while others will tow your vehicle to a mechanic of your choice. The sensitive part of this is not only response time, but the quality of the service along with a skilled and professional tow truck operator when handling and towing your vehicle. You don’t need more issues, at Roadway Towing we also provide peace of mind!

Battery Jump-Start

Perhaps all you need is a jump but there aren’t any neighborly travelers to help you out. Roadside assistance services can help by jump-starting your dead battery to get you back on the road. Roadway Towing 24/7 mobile service provides battery testing and replacement service that will come to you at home, work, or the roadside.

Fuel Delivery

Running on fumes is never a choice. It’s disheartening to feel the engine sputter as you finally run out of fuel. But with roadside assistance, you can get fuel delivered to your location. Some plans or companies provide a certain amount of fuel for free while others charge you for the fuel. At Roadway Towing we'll deliver you fast up to 5 gallons of gas, or up to 20 gallons diesel. Pay only a flat rate with no hidden fees or surprises and quickly get back on the road to reach your closest gas station. If your car breaks down because you are low on other fluids like coolant or brake fluid, the roadside technician may be able to supply those as well.

Lockout Service

Lost keys? Locked out? Instead of looking up mobile locksmiths in your area, you can call your roadside assistance number or get one dispatched to your location. Fast Roadway Lockout Service will professionally recover your key for you to get back on the road. We'll get you back in!

Spare Tire Installation

Getting a flat tire can grind your road trip to a halt. Roadside assistance services cover a spare tire change to get you moving again. Note that this requires you to have your own spare tire — the roadside company won’t provide a spare for you to use. Roadway Towing Mobile Service, with professional ASE certified mechanics arrive with a “complete” mobile tire shop ready to do everything from a patch or plug to replacing a set of 4 new tires including balance & rotation services.

Why Roadway Towing for any roadside situation? We can serve any vehicle from light duty to a heavy-duty truck, it’s OK any scenario, our experience drivers will be there to keep you and/or your vehicle safe, our non-stopping high quality and reliable service assures you be where you are at the right time, and, we always go the extra mile. For your roadside service, call Roadway towing immediately!


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